RELAX (Gingelly Oil)

Gingelly Oil is unique in its characteristics and once you start cooking with it, you will learn that it can be used in many interesting ways to spruce up your everyday dishes. Gingelly oil primarily contains unsaturated fats.

According to the nutritional value chart of sesame oil, per 100 grams contain 40 grams monounsaturated fats, 42 grams polyunsaturated fats and about 14 grams saturated fats.

Awesome Benefits of Refined Gingelly Oil:

  • Great for the Skin
  • Lowers Blood Pressure
  • Helps Fight Stress and Depression
  • Oil Pulling for Oral Health
  • Commonly used in beauty treatments
  • Contains Vitamin E, A powerful antioxidant

There are different types of this product


15 KGs


1 litre


500 ml

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