SUNSURE (Refined Sunflower Oil)

Sunflower oil is naturally found as a liquid, and it doesn’t contain the high level of trans fats that are created through the partial hydrogenation process.

Sunflower oil is a mild, unobtrusive oil that has a high heat tolerance and very little flavor. It’s often used for frying and sautéing because it doesn’t impart it’s own flavor into foods. It’s more often used for it’s functionality.

Bulk high oleic sunflower oil is important in the manufacture of food products, because it remains stable without hydrogenation and will not go rancid in storage.

Awesome Benefits of Refined Sunflower Oil:

  • Rich in protein
  • Used as a seed meal
  • High dietary fiber
  • Low temperature frying oil
  • Help minimize rancidity and nutrient loss

There are different types of this product


15 KGs


15 litre


200 ml


500 ml


1 litre

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