Oil Cakes

Av oil cakes are also known as press cakes are the solids remaining after pressing something to extract the Oils or liquids. They are most commonly used for animal feed.

Oil cakes have been in use for feed applications to poultry, fish and swine industry. Being rich in protein, some of these have also been considered ideal for food supplementation. However, with increasing emphasis on cost reduction of industrial processes and value addition to agro-industrial residues, oil cakes could be ideal source of proteinaceous nutrients and as support matrix for various biotechnological processes.

Several oil cakes, in particular edible oil cakes offer potential benefits when utilized as substrate for bioprocesses.

Oil Cakes are Available
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There are different types of this product.

Groundnut Oil Cake


Expeller Gingelly Oil Cake


Rotary Gingelly Oil Cake


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